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ITF Poomse

International Taekwondo Federation Poomse

Learn ITF Poomse from Master Cliff Hong. This ITF Poomse DVD is for Instructors and Students.

Learn ITF Poomse from a 2-time National Champion and a 7-time State Champion.  This ITF Poomse DVD has a total of 12 forms/patterns, which includes: Chon Ji, Dan Gun, Do San, Won Hyo, Yul Guk, Jhoon Gun, Toi Gye, Hwa Rang, Choong Moo (the color belt forms/poomse) and Kwang Gae, Po Eun and Ge Baek (the 1st degree black belt forms/poomse).


Master Cliff Hong is not only a Taekwondo Master, but a master of the ITF poomse. He is graceful, artistic and powerful in his execution.

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"This is the perfect forms video, love it.

Thank you again for a great form DVD"

                                            ~ J Krantz

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